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    How to Sleep Better: 15 Tips for Better Sleep
    By Sofia Health Staff on October 4, 2022

    "Early to bed and early to rise?" If only it was that easy. If you’re someone who can’t fall asleep on time (or seemingly at all), then it doesn’t...

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    9 Popular Types of Meditation
    By Sofia Health Staff on September 16, 2022

    Daily meditation has powerful benefits for mental health. In fact, many cultures and spiritual disciplines have a long history of meditating for...

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    How to Reduce Anxiety
    By Sofia Health Staff on September 6, 2022

    For some, anxiety is an occasional, unwelcome visitor. For others, it’s a well-known enemy. For a lot of us, anxiety has even become a way of life, a...

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    Meditation for Beginners - A Complete Guide
    By Sofia Health Staff on August 9, 2022

    When you want to get stronger or improve your endurance, you lift weights or take up jogging, and you don’t just do it once. You incorporate physical...

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    How to Relax
    By Sofia Health Staff on August 2, 2022

    When life gets busy or stressful, it’s important to remember to take a moment and relax. For many, that might seem easier said than done. Relaxation...

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    What is Flow State & What are the benefits?
    By Sofia Health Staff on July 26, 2022

    You've felt it before — the moment when your mind is completely focused on the task at hand when all of your senses are alert and heightened. It's a...

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    Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress
    By Sofia Health Staff on July 19, 2022

    When you're looking to reduce stress and anxiety, there's really no simpler way to start than with the body's own ability to heal itself. And there's...

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    A Glossary of Trending Health & Wellness Terms & Definitions
    By Sofia Health Staff on July 7, 2022

    The world of health and wellness is a large and sometimes confusing one, but it doesn't need to be. Many wellness practitioners may have similar...

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    Top Five Meditation Tips for Beginners
    By Sofia Health Staff on July 3, 2022

    Does your mind go a mile a minute? Here's how to build the skills you need to find mental calm. Read on for our Top 5 Tips for Meditation.

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