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Topic: Holistic Health

Fostering Women's Health Through Holistic Care
By Sofia Health Staff on May 16, 2024

Join Sofia Health with a special lineup of yoga, mindfulness, iRest, tai chi, meditation, fitness, and qigong classes focused on women's health....

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National Nurses Week: Celebrating Nurses and the Impact They Make
By Sofia Health Staff on May 9, 2024

In National Nurses Week, it's time to honor the invaluable contributions of nurses and recognize their dedication to health and healing. Experience...

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Holistic Health and Eco-Consciousness with Sarah Cohen
By Sofia Health Staff on February 1, 2024

Sarah Cohen is a holistic advocate passionate about inner healing through nutrition and lifestyle balance. As a global citizen and environmentalist,...

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Recognizing and Recovering from Burnout with Francesca Blechner
By Sofia Health Staff on January 25, 2024

Francesca Blechner, a Holistic Health Coach and Burnout Expert based in London brings over six years of experience to transforming lives through...

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How Subconscious Reprogramming Improves Your Life with Dana Gillespie
By Sofia Health Staff on January 11, 2024

Meet Dana Gillespie, an experienced Meditation Teacher, Transformational Mindset Life Coach, and the innovative mind behind the My Moontime app—a...

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Holistic Health Hacks for Natural Healing with Sarah Dawkins
By Sofia Health Staff on January 9, 2024

Explore the world of holistic healing with Sarah Dawkins, a renowned Holistic Health and Healing Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author of "HEAL...

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How to Reduce Anxiety
By Sofia Health Staff on September 6, 2022

For some, anxiety is an occasional, unwelcome visitor. For others, it’s a well-known enemy. For a lot of us, anxiety has even become a way of life, a...

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Meditation for Beginners - A Complete Guide
By Sofia Health Staff on August 9, 2022

When you want to get stronger or improve your endurance, you lift weights or take up jogging, and you don’t just do it once. You incorporate physical...

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Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress
By Sofia Health Staff on July 19, 2022

When you're looking to reduce stress and anxiety, there's really no simpler way to start than with the body's own ability to heal itself. And there's...

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