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    Topic: Holistic Health

    How to Reduce Anxiety
    By Sofia Health Staff on September 6, 2022

    For some, anxiety is an occasional, unwelcome visitor. For others, it’s a well-known enemy. For a lot of us, anxiety has even become a way of life, a...

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    Meditation for Beginners - A Complete Guide
    By Sofia Health Staff on August 9, 2022

    When you want to get stronger or improve your endurance, you lift weights or take up jogging, and you don’t just do it once. You incorporate physical...

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    Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress
    By Sofia Health Staff on July 19, 2022

    When you're looking to reduce stress and anxiety, there's really no simpler way to start than with the body's own ability to heal itself. And there's...

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    What Is Biofeedback?
    By Sofia Health Staff on March 29, 2022

    Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that can improve physical and mental health. Though the technology has existed for some time, its efficacy in...

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    Breathwork: Uses, Styles, and the Benefits
    By Sofia Health Staff on December 7, 2021

    "Breathwork" comprises a number of breathing techniques that involve controlling the breath for the purpose of healing. Anyone who's ever taken a...

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    What is Holistic Medicine?
    By Sofia Health Staff on August 26, 2021

    In order to understand what holistic medicine means, you have to understand what holistic means. The philosophy of the word holistic is characterized...

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    Moving Past Autoimmune to Find Holistic Alignment and Healing
    By Lauren Vaknine on March 19, 2021

    According to a survey, 89% of women between the ages of 28-50 do not feel aligned in all aspects of their lives, with the majority not feeling...

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    How to Deal With Loneliness Using Holistic Health Practices
    By Sofia Health Staff on March 3, 2021

    Loneliness in the time of Covid The Covid 19 pandemic forced much of the world to lock down and maintain strict social distancing measures. For many,...

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    What Is Holistic Health and What Does It Mean For You?
    By Sofia Health Staff on February 18, 2021

    The human body is a series of interconnected systems including the mental, physical, and spiritual self. In the world of medicine, most doctors are...

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