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Topic: Wellness

Harness the Power of Nature for Personal Growth with Erja Järvelä
By Sofia Health Staff on May 30, 2024

Meet Erja, a former corporate professional turned holistic well-being advocate and founder of Mixing Nuts. After 16 years in the corporate world,...

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National Nurses Week: Celebrating Nurses and the Impact They Make
By Sofia Health Staff on May 9, 2024

In National Nurses Week, it's time to honor the invaluable contributions of nurses and recognize their dedication to health and healing. Experience...

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How to Change Your Mindset with Diane Forster
By Sofia Health Staff on April 25, 2024

2022 Top TV Host & Mindset Coach and 2021 America’s Mindset Coach, Diane Forster helps women over 40 reinvent their lives personally and...

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Top 5 Benefits Of Chiropractic Care with Dr. Russell
By Sofia Health Staff on April 18, 2024

Dr. Russell Greenseid, DC, is a chiropractor, major shareholder, and chief of staff at Metro Healthcare Partners in Brooklyn, NY. He is a recognized...

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What to Know About Intergenerational Trauma with Ioana Iuga
By Sofia Health Staff on March 28, 2024

Meet Ioana, founder of IIA Lotus Flower Counseling Ltd., a Social Project dedicated to fostering well-being and supporting individuals through...

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Top Relationship Advice from Marriage & Family Therapist Chelsea Vinas
By Sofia Health Staff on March 21, 2024

Chelsea is the founder of Therapize and a dedicated therapist specializing in guiding individuals through life's transitions and challenges. With a...

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Exploring Trauma-Informed Mindfulness with Jeanne Smith
By Sofia Health Staff on March 7, 2024

Jeanne Smith is the founder of As You Are Mindfulness, a mindfulness meditation instruction service where she offers individuals an inclusive space...

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What Does A Midwife Do? with Shanna Hinrichs
By Sofia Health Staff on February 29, 2024

Meet Shanna Hinrichs, a dedicated advocate for women's health and childbirth with over 20 years of experience as a doula, lactation consultant, and...

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Recognizing and Recovering from Burnout with Francesca Blechner
By Sofia Health Staff on January 25, 2024

Francesca Blechner, a Holistic Health Coach and Burnout Expert based in London brings over six years of experience to transforming lives through...

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