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22 Trending Products To Sell Online in 2023

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By Sofia Health Staff on December, 30 2022
22 Trending Products To Sell Online

These days, you can buy and sell anything online. You can even buy a car without ever setting foot on a dealership lot. E-commerce is big business, with over 2.5 million online retailers in the United States alone. You may have considered opening an eCommerce store to supplement your primary income, but might be stumped over what to sell. 

Knowing what products are trending online can help you improve your chances of successfully maximizing your profits. Product popularity and demand fluctuate all the time, so figuring out which products to sell can be time-consuming. To be a successful online seller, you really only need 3 things: 1) a product in high demand, 2) the ability to market your product, and 3) motivation to succeed.

Luckily, we have done the research for you. Check out this list of the top trending products along with some actionable steps you can take to market them. 

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Top Trending Health and Wellness Products

These top trending health and wellness products could boost traffic to your site and help you improve your sales. 


An herb long used in non-traditional medicine for various conditions, ashwagandha is catching on in the United States for its ability to help manage stress and anxiety. It may also help improve muscle mass and strength and help regulate blood sugar. Sales of the herb reached $251 million in 2021.

There are many well-researched case studies about ashwagandha in scientific publications. You can market this product by summarizing or compiling these studies and posting blogs, videos, and other content about its health benefits, or post a link to frequently asked questions. Use the content to engage your social media followers in conversations about health and wellness. 


Matcha is a type of green tea known for its antioxidant properties. Fans of matcha like that it can help improve cardiovascular health and its ability to give you glowing skin. But matcha is also becoming a cooking staple thanks to a multitude of cooking and baking shows in which creative bakers have added it to various confections. 

If you’re selling matcha on your website, take the same approach as ashwagandha and research its health benefits for your blog. Or share fun recipes using matcha on your social media platforms. 

Air Purifiers

At best, poor indoor air quality can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat. At worst, it can contribute to multiple diseases. For this reason, many people are interested in using air purifiers to improve their air. There are plenty of purifiers available for homes and offices of all sizes. Choose a wide range to appeal to people with various budgets. 

Market this product by posting stats about indoor air quality or writing blog posts comparing different models. 

Mushroom Coffee

For people who want a healthier alternative to coffee, mushroom coffee hits the spot. This concoction is made of ground medicinal mushrooms and coffee beans offering a smooth and nutty morning joe. Mushrooms commonly used to make this coffee include Chaga and Turkey’s Tail. 

To market mushroom coffee, post content about how it differs from traditional coffee and tout its health benefits. Use hashtags to interest regular coffee drinkers. 

Anti-Snoring Devices

Snoring is one cause of a poor night’s sleep both for the person who is snoring and their partner. It can disrupt your sleep, and it can indicate a health problem like obstructive sleep apnea. So people who snore are very interested in making it stop. Try selling mouthguards and other anti-snoring devices on your website. 

Market these products by posting links to sleep studies on social media and appealing to people’s need to sleep better. 

Top Trending Baby and Child Care Products

Baby care is a big business, generating $47.02 billion in 2021. If your store caters to these customers, keep these hot-sellers in stock. Help out parents by selling some of these top trending baby and child care products.

Teething Toys

Teething toys are some of the best products to sell online because teething is always a concern for parents. These toys give babies some relief from the pain of teething and help their parents get respite from related fussiness. 

Market teething toys by posting ads on parenting blogs or targeting social media ads to customers in zip codes with a high percentage of new families. 

Organic Baby Products

Babies require a lot of care, and many new parents prefer to use organic products. In 2022, baby skincare products generated about 5.8 billion. Use your website to sell organic baby wipes, shampoo, and other skincare products. 

Like teething toys, you can capture the market for organic baby products with targeted social media ads based on demographics and online interests. 

Educational Toys

Parents of toddlers and preschool-age children like to kick learning into gear with educational toys. These include simple puzzles, STEM toys, and toys that help kids build their vocabulary. 

To market these toys on your website, use your product descriptions to communicate how each toy will enrich a child’s playtime. Add keywords to your product descriptions to boost your search engine performance. 

Top Trending Pet Care Products

Pets are part of the family in over 90 million American homes, and they need care products for their fur babies. Check out these trending pet care products to sell to those who want the best for their animal companions. 

Pet Health Products

Nearly half of pet owners shop for food and treats online, and you can reach this market with wellness products including essential oils. These products can help with anxiety, skin conditions, and even flea and tick prevention. 

Market these products by hosting a cute pet contest on your social media feeds and offering a coupon or free sample as a prize. Have people tag you when they enter. 

Pet Supplements

Like humans, pets are often plagued with issues like joint pain and other ailments as they age. Supplements to help them manage these conditions are some of the top trending products for pet owners. Popular supplements include joint supplements and skin and fur supplements. 

To market supplements, research the health benefits and create content to inform and educate pet owners. Share it on social media with hashtags to help pet owners find your work. 

Top Trending Home Products

As Americans spend more time at home, they are looking for ways to make their homes comfier and more inviting. The home decor market is expected to reach over $830 billion in the next five years. Cater to this market with these high-demand home products.

RGB Lights

RGB lights are energy-saving LED lights that offer outstanding light quality. They also come in colors for those who want to add fun, cheery touches throughout their home. While these lights are commonly used decoratively, they are also available in white light. 

Market them by posting listicles highlighting how your customers can use them. Cover a variety of colors and uses and outline the benefits of using RGB lights over traditional bulbs. 

Fake Plants

Being outside is relaxing and can boost your mood. Fake plants help your customers bring the outdoors inside to improve their mental health. They are perfect for people who live in homes with low light or people who have trouble keeping real plants alive. Newer models of fake plants look real, enhancing décor. 

Find customers for your fake plants by running targeted ads on social media based on interest. Find people who post about interior decorating. 

Tea Accessories

In the home goods category, tea accessories are some of the best-selling products online. This covers everything from infusers to teapots to bag disposal products. If you’re already selling matcha or other loose-leaf teas, offer accessories people can use to enjoy their tea. 

You can market these products on TikTok by making short, engaging videos on how to use them or by posting daily tea facts. 

Top Trending Lifestyle Products

Shoppers buy lifestyle products as an expression of their style or to align with their values and aspirations. This industry generated $10 billion in 2021 and continues to grow. Here are some of the most sought-after items in this category. 

Reusable Water Bottles

As people become aware of plastic’s harmful impact on the planet, more are turning to reusable water bottles to remedy the problem. Available in multiple shapes and styles, reusable water bottles are available with accessories like drinking straws or features that keep water cool all day.

Market these products using search engine optimization. Offer different categories of water bottles and use your product descriptions to improve your online visibility. 

Abdominal Crunch Straps

Abdominal crunch straps are nylon shoulder straps with padding and handles that add resistance to traditional crunches for a harder workout. You can attach them to gym equipment or secure them to a wall with a hanging attachment. 

You can market these by posting how-to videos and content exploring how they enhance traditional crunches. Create sponsored social media posts and target them to people based on their interests. 


Shapewear is tight-fitting underwear that impacts your shape. It can take inches off your waist and other areas and help you fit into clothing that’s a little too tight. It also helps clothing fit better. You can partner with multiple brands or stick with one and offer their whole product line. 

Market your shapewear with pay-per-click ads to target users looking for shapewear online.  

Top Trending Beauty Products

Beauty products are great for online sellers because they offer decent profit margins and a large customer base. This market was worth more than $560 billion in 2022. Tap into this booming industry by selling these popular products. 

Hair Oils

While shampoo, conditioner, and styling products have always been popular, people these days are putting more focus on their scalps and treatments they can do to keep their hair in shape. Hair oils are available to improve hair growth, treat damaged hair, treat the scalp, and more. 

Hair oils are a natural fit for influencer marketing because there are so many beauty influencers on social media. Find one that fits into your advertising budget. 

Face Ice Rollers

Used to treat everything from eye puffiness to migraines, face ice rollers are back in style. These rollers stimulate the lymphatic system to help tighten pores or make you look presentable for a video meeting if you haven’t slept well. 

You can market face ice rollers to people who aren’t in the know by posting content about how they work and how they benefit your customers.  

Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal market was worth $221.8 million in 2021 and is still growing. It helps save your clients time and money because they no longer need to shave or buy shaving products. Popular treatment areas include underarms, legs, and the bikini line. 

You can market these services by offering a discount on the first treatment to anyone who signs up for your email list. 

Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are glamorous and pretty, and they can make looking at yourself on a video meeting more tolerable. Like shapewear, you can choose to carry one brand or partner with multiple brands. Improve your chances of selling fake eyelashes by carefully organizing your landing page. Group different styles and lengths together and use product descriptions to help shoppers find what they need. 

Top Trending Comfort Items

More people are looking for ways to destress. In 2021, 75% of people said they wanted to prioritize self-care. These top-selling comfort items appeal to the need to relax and live more comfortably. 

Wedge Pillows

A wedge pillow is a triangle-shaped foam pillow that lifts your upper body while you sleep. These pillows can help alleviate snoring and help you sleep better when you’re sick and congested. 

Market wedge pillows by using pay-per-click ads or banner ads to target users searching for them online.  

Neck Massagers

People who spend all day in front of a screen often carry tension in their shoulders. To ease this pain, a home neck massager works wonders. They come in multiple styles, so you will have a good variety of inventory. 

Use content to promote the benefits of having a home neck massager. 

Where To Find Products To Sell Online

To find trending products to sell online, you need to know where to look. Start with traditional eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy.  This will help you generate some business ideas and find out what sells most online. 

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Launch Your Business

Remember, to be a successful online seller, you really only need 3 things: 1) a product in high demand, 2) the ability to market your product, and 3) motivation to succeed. And now, with a list of top-selling products, it’s time to get your products online and build your business!  If you are selling health and wellness-related products, be sure to list your products for sale on the Sofia platform. The platform is designed to help you with business operations and has a user base of shoppers looking for products.

If your business is new and you want help setting up your new business or online store, check out our article “10 online selling sites to sell your products and build your business”.

Give your business a head start and start selling top trending products today.


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