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Four Habits of Successful Wellness Entrepreneurs

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By Sofia Health Staff on May, 17 2021
Four Habits of Successful Wellness Entrepreneurs

Wellness solopreneurs have a passion for helping clients control their personal health journeys and live their best lives. As an individual practitioner, you love engaging with patients to develop customized strategies that drive physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual interconnected wellness. Still, like most holistic health solopreneurs, you may quickly realize that running your practice isn’t just about client-facing interactions. 



Running a Wellness Business Requires Attention to Your Patients and Your Practice  



Beyond patient connection, effectively running a healthcare business requires a heavy emphasis on the business side of things. There are countless tasks and responsibilities that demand considerable attention from holistic health entrepreneurs on a daily basis. As a result, wellness solopreneurs need to curate strategic structures, frameworks, and routines that keep them equipped to manage both the patient and practice side of their wellness business. Here are four habits that successful wellness solopreneurs use to optimize results:


Habit #1: Delegate and Outsource


Successful wellness solopreneurs recognize that they can’t (and don’t want to) do it all; the great news is they don’t have to. Instead, they identify their core healthcare business competencies. They focus on the things they are most passionate about that grow their practice and client base — then delegate and outsource the tasks they don’t have to manage. Many start by finding an online platform specifically designed for holistic practitioners and coaches. An innovative digital solution provides a wide range of web, marketing, and client-facing tools, automating multiple functions with a single resource. 


Habit #2: Make Office Hours


Being your own boss means you’re in complete control of scheduling flexibility. However, many wellness solopreneurs quickly find themselves stuck in “always working mode,” checking and responding to emails, writing treatment plans, and engaging with clients on a virtual 24/7 basis. Successful practitioners know that scheduling boundaries, both with patients and for themselves, are necessary. Establishing office hours via an online calendar offers an ideal way to manage client expectations. Additionally, the calendar can also be used to block off daily, weekly, and monthly time to focus on non-client functions, such as invoicing, plan development, and professional growth. 


Habit #3: Network, Network, Network  


Innovative wellness solopreneurs understand that they can’t do it on their own. It’s difficult to command attention from consumers with so many other practitioners in their vertical. Trying to gain traction amid the competitive masses on your own can feel almost impossible. Successful solopreneurs know this — so they refuse to operate in a silo. Instead, they build their business brand on digital platforms that provide them easy access to an entire network of health practitioners and coaches. They leverage these digital connections to expand their service capabilities, refer clients to capable resources that extend beyond their services and products, and stay on top of the latest trends within their health or wellness industry.  


Habit #4: Practice Self-Care


Perhaps the most significant habit of highly successful wellness solopreneurs is their commitment to practice self-care. It’s easy to overextend your time, energy, and resources for your healthcare business. Additionally, the very nature of your practice means you spend your professional time supporting, treating, and counseling other people in their quest to feel better. No one can continuously pour into others without taking the time to fill back up; prioritizing your own self-care practices can make a huge difference in the energy and motivation you have to build your wellness business. 



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