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Four Ways to Attract Health and Wellness Coaching Clients

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By Sofia Health Staff on July, 08 2021
Four Ways to Attract Health and Wellness Coaching Clients

Health and wellness coaches become practitioners for a variety of reasons. Still, for most health and wellness entrepreneurs, no matter your medical specialty, the primary motivation to launch your independent practice is to make a difference in your patient’s lives. As a compassionate healthcare professional, you prioritize your client's wellness journey and make it your mission to help them improve their overall quality of life


Many Health Coach Businesses Struggle to Find Clients



However, like most health coach professionals, you’ve also learned firsthand that running a practice is equal parts passion and business. Put simply: Beyond wanting to make a difference, you know that you also need to make a living. While healthcare entrepreneurship is rewarding, attracting new health and wellness coaching clients is challenging, particularly if you’re a new practitioner just launching and building your practice.



Develop a Plan to Grow Your Healthcare Practice (aka Recognize You Can’t Do it All)



As a health coach, you can quickly find yourself struggling to grow your business and still properly attend to your current patients. One of the most important steps in attracting clients to your healthcare practice is recognizing that you can’t do everything and do everything well. Additionally, with so many potential marketing resources available, it can be hard to decide which tools and strategies will yield the best results. Knowing some of the most effective ways to get noticed by the right patients can help you develop a plan that focuses on where your time is best spent and what will yield the best possible results for your practice.


Here are four ways to attract coaching clients to your health and wellness independent practice:


  1. Establish an Online Presence
    There are a lot of traditional and digital marketing tools available for healthcare practitioners starting a health coach business, making it difficult to decide which ones to pursue. However, most health coaches find that having an online presence is one of the best ways to attract clients. Launching an optimized website that showcases your specialties, credentials, and experience can help establish your independent practice as a viable business to anyone looking for the health and wellness services you provide.

  2. Grow Your Network
    Yes, you run an independent practice. However, being a solopreneur does not mean you have to do everything on your own. The health and wellness vertical is expansive, including a diverse range of medical specialties. Connect with other health and wellness practitioners who offer services that extend beyond your own core list of practices and products. Connecting with other qualified practitioners offers an invaluable opportunity for them to refer their clients to you when patients are seeking the care they can’t provide. Not only does this increase your client base, but working as part of a referral team can also improve the client experience and increase their ability to receive 360o care.

  3. Request Referrals
    No matter how advanced technology becomes, word of mouth matters. One of the best ways to get new clients is through referrals from existing clients. Asking satisfied customers to spread the word about how happy they are with your services and products to their network of contacts. Be sure to ask for reviews so you can use them in your marketing collateral in the future.

  4. Meet Patients Where They Are
    As a healthcare practitioner, you already know firsthand the importance of meeting your current patients where they are in their health and wellness journey. The same is true for finding future patients; it’s essential to meet them wherever they may be spending time (virtually or in real life) seeking services and products to enhance their health experience. One of the best ways to meet prospective clients where they are is to create a page for your business where clients are already shopping for similar services. A two-sided digital marketplace designed to connect patients and practitioners is a great example.


At Sofia Health, our innovative online platform simplifies how health and wellness professionals attract new patients. Our easy-to-use platform allows patients to seamlessly search for services based on their symptoms, review the practitioner’s credentials, and schedule appointments with qualified practitioners and coaches. Additionally, the Sofia Health system equips you with the tools and resources to showcase all your practice’s services and products. Listing every offering individually provides additional lead generation opportunities, making it even easier to attract more patients looking for the services your practice provides.


Ready to Grow Your Health and Wellness Business?


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