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Reiki Therapy Explained with Kelly Keefe

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By Sofia Health Staff on April, 11 2024
Reiki Therapy Explained with Kelly Keefe

As a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience and the founder of Heartspace, Kelly Keefe empowers individuals and organizations worldwide to achieve their full leadership potential. Her expertise lies in optimizing leadership through the key pillars of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Communication. Join us as Kelly shares her expertise in this exclusive interview with Sofia Health. 

What is Reiki? How does Reiki work? What are the main benefits of Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that was transmitted to Dr. Makai Usui after years of searching for the answer to how ancient masters such as Jesus and Buddha were able to perform healing miracles. The word Reiki is two Japanese words brought together to express the essence of Reiki. Rei = Universal Life Force and Ki = Energy, Chi, Prana. It is the Universal Life Force energy of all that is. It’s the highest and purest energy that is always conspiring for the Highest Good of all supporting in aligning our mind, body, and spirit in a positive alignment.

It works by the practitioner learning how to be able to become the channel for this energy to flow to and through them and be directed to whoever or whatever they are putting their focus on. There is a collection of symbols and techniques that are taught to students for them to be able to use when practicing on themselves or others.
There are so many benefits! Many popular benefits include:

  • Release of anxiety and stress
  • More positive mindset
  • Increased intuition and connection to their spiritual essence
  • Groundedness, clarity, and focus
  • An open and loving heart
  • Better communication

What are the 5 principles of Reiki? How can we use these principles to boost well-being?

  • Just for today, I do not worry.
  • Just for today, I do not fear.
  • I honor my parents, teachers, and elders.
  • I make my living honestly.
  • I show gratitude for everything.

When we live by these principles - we allow ourselves to sync up with the universal flow that has everything happening in literally divine orchestration. We can shift more and more out of trying to control every single thing (which only leads to stress, anxiety, and disappointment), and become more of an observer of what is happening in our lives. When we stress less - our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health all benefit.

Sofia Health connects you to traditional, integrative, nutritional, holistic, and spiritual healing professionals to help you personalize your healing journey.

What should we know before trying Reiki? What can we expect in a session? Are there any side effects we should be aware of?

Every single Reiki session is completely different for every person, every time. Because it is a process of clearing and elevating your energy field wherever you are in the moment… it is going to be different each time! Things that are common are deep relaxation, perhaps an awareness of thoughts and memories playing like a movie, and then clearing. Other very common experiences during a session are tingling warmth, or cool sensations moving through various parts of the body. If someone is sensitive to energy, they will likely feel when we release and circulate stagnant energy that has been held in different areas of the body.

Reiki is like drinking water. The more the better - and it's completely safe. The only side effect someone may want to be aware of is a session can be very emotional, so if during or after the session big waves of emotions come up to be felt and healed - we want to allow ourselves to lean in and feel them.


What do you believe sets Reiki apart from other forms of energy healing or holistic practices?

One of my favorite things about Reiki that sets it apart is that it is the energy force moving through the world that is always conspiring for the highest good of all. It is all-knowing and omnipresent- so when we work with this energy, we can lean deeply into trust and witness healing and shifts in our lives that support not only us on the micro, but supporting the whole on the macro. Talk about being the change you want to see in the world! Reiki allows us to truly do that.


What led you to become a Reiki Master Teacher, and how has your own Reiki practice influenced your approach to coaching?

I’m still not entirely sure I can say I chose the path - I’m pretty sure that the path chose me. Twelve years ago I was in a meditation and I heard clear as day “Look up healing modalities, you are a healer”. I did. When I clicked on a link that said ‘Reiki’ in the title… a huge wave of energy moved through my entire body. I was a bit scared. I closed the laptop and tried to pretend nothing happened. Two days later, I was working remotely out of a bookstore, and in a very serendipitous way - I was brought together with my first teacher on the path. I am very aware that I have been a healer and spiritual leader in many lifetimes… this is simply my dharma and something that my soul has obtained mastery over many times. It is something I am privileged and honored to get to share once again with the world.

My Reiki practice influences my approach to coaching because I understand the layers and complexities that come with the human experience and delving into the energetics. I bring Reiki into everything that I do, so we have this energy flowing to support healing and outcomes that are aligned with the highest good of all… it’s a game changer for those I get to work with.


How do you typically help clients overcome patterns of people-pleasing, empathy overwhelm, and self-sabotage?

Boundaries boundaries boundaries!! I am so grateful to be helping so many in these lanes at this season of my journey. This comes down to exploring what is happening in the subconscious mind and flipping the script on the programming that has been running which causes people pleasing and over-extending one’s Self beyond their capacities and boundaries. When we speak of boundaries, this is within the physical world and the energetics. When we begin to address these sorts of things from different levels and perspectives, we can truly create a life-changing paradigm shift having my clients living an entirely new reality and timeline.


How do you integrate Reiki into your coaching practice, and what benefits do you find it brings to your clients' transformational journey?

 I bring Reiki into everything that I do, so we have this energy flowing to support in healing and outcomes that are aligned with the highest good of all… it’s a game changer for those I get to work with.

What are your most helpful tips for optimal health?

Allow your morning to be sacred. Take time to align yourself with your Spirit and the energy you want to carry into your day. Nourish your emotional garden, and invest in yourself every single day. Heal heal heal. Find someone who can support you. Your best self is so ready to be activated and live your daily life.


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