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    11 Herbal Teas & Their Powerful Hidden Health Benefits

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    By Team Sofia Health on March, 05 2021
    woman taking in the aroma of a warm cup of tea

    Nothing beats the steamy aroma of freshly brewed tea as it wafts up from a warm mug. Sometimes cozy, sometimes invigorating, tea is well-known for its many beneficial properties. Tea soothes the mind and helps curb negative thinking. In addition to being relaxing, it also provides numerous health benefits. People ailed with anxiety, digestion problems, illness, or insomnia may just find their cure scattered lightly at the bottom of a teapot. 

    Anxiety and Depression

    Be it a nervous twitch or a generalized feeling of panic and distress, tea can help calm the mind and stabilize irrational thought. Herbal teas such as chamomile, green, lemon balm, and passionflower fill the body with warmth from head to toe. The natural relaxants found within these teas comfort the mind and ease negative feelings of worry and gloom.


    Sleep and Relaxation

    Sleep often eludes the frayed, anxious mind, but chamomile and lavender tea can send even the most troubled individual drifting into a gentle lull. The aroma of lavender alone teases the brain with thoughts of sleep. A warm drink of tea before bed -- perhaps accompanied by a wordy book -- does wonders to counter the frustrating habits of the insomniac.


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    Immune System

    Viruses and the flu season plague everyone, but there are countermeasures to prepare against the sniffle invasion. Chamomile, ginseng, dandelion, and chai tea strengthen the body's immune system, staving off illnesses found circling in planes and crowded areas like hungry vultures. Those wanting to prepare for a trip, suffering weakened immune systems, or recovering from a nasty bug can rejuvenate themselves with a spicy, creamy cup of chai. 




    Digestive problems are no laughing matter, as the exhausting symptoms of a troubled stomach or gut can steal the joy away from a day at work or out about town. Peppermint, ginger, and chai teas both aid healthy bacteria and relax a sporadic, irritated gut. While tea can't cure the causes of digestive disorders and illnesses, such as IBS, Crohn's disease, or gastritis, a gently steaming cup can alleviate the distressing and debilitating symptoms they inflict.  



    Skin Health

    Nobody's skin is perfect, nor does it need to be. Achieving healthy, clear skin doesn't mean eliminating every blemish, but acne attacks and stubbornly set blackheads can be naturally cleared away with ginger and black teas. Auto-immune diseases such as eczema and psoriasis go beyond just marrying skin and nails; they cause itchy, red, horridly uncomfortable symptoms. While the cause of skin disorders varies widely from person to person, cleansing teas may soothe the rough and reddened pain it brings about.


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    Tea isn't just a warm treat to curl up with on a chill, rainy day. It's a piping heaven filled to the brim with natural remedies. While a cure-all can't be contained within a single ceramic mug, tea can be used to treat countless specific problems and improve overall physical health, mental and emotional well-being, and the quality of life.

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