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What is Somatic Therapy? with Ginny Hoyt

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By Sofia Health Staff on July, 25 2023
Building Resilience with Somatic Therapy with Ginny Hoyt

In this episode of Sofia Unfiltered, Riley and Lauren talk to Ginny Hoyt, a somatic life coach specializing in parts work and healing deep-rooted limitations.

Ginny's healing journey

Ginny shares her journey of overcoming anxiety through somatic healing, a transformative approach that integrates the body into the healing process. By addressing the root causes of her struggles and allowing her body to release stored tension, she gained empowerment and transformed her life. Somatic healing goes beyond talk therapy and medication, targeting the body's response to the environment and helping individuals meet their emotional needs for profound transformation. It encourages self-awareness and reflection, leading to better decisions and fulfillment in life.

Top 5 Tips on Somatic Therapy

  1. Understand and address bodily sensations and tensions to uncover underlying stories and unmet emotional needs.
  2. Use somatic healing tools like meditation, breathwork, and grounding to regulate the nervous system and reduce triggers.
  3. Create a safe space for the body to release emotions related to past traumas and identify unmet needs.
  4. Practice self-compassion and self-forgiveness as essential components of the healing process.
  5. Embrace self-awareness and engage in the transformative journey towards empowerment by recognizing and transforming patterns.

What is somatic healing?

For those stuck in their healing journey, Ginny shares her experience of initially feeling reliant on therapy sessions to sustain her happiness and satisfaction. Realizing this approach's limitations, she explored alternative modalities and eventually found somatic healing. 

When describing a typical somatic healing session, Ginny explains that it involves understanding and addressing bodily sensations and tensions. By giving space to these physical experiences, individuals can uncover the stories behind them, trace their origins, and fulfill the emotional needs that were unmet earlier in life. Through this process, they can move through emotional blocks more efficiently and witness a profound shift in their way of showing up.

Somatic therapists use mind-body techniques to relieve pent-up tension impacting emotional and physical health. Methods include breathing exercises, meditation, dance, and body movement to release and restore balance.

Ginny emphasizes the goal of somatic healing, which is to empower individuals to take control of their well-being without constantly relying on external tools or practitioners. Through meditation, breathwork, and grounding, people can learn to regulate their nervous system and experience fewer triggers over time. Understanding the root causes of anxiety and addressing unmet emotional needs from early life is pivotal in this process. Ginny shared her journey of realizing the logical reasons behind her fear and learning to give herself what she needed, which led to a profound shift and relief.

Is somatic experiencing real?

Riley and Ginny delve into somatic experiencing, which addresses trauma and its effects on the body. They highlight the importance of creating a safe space for the body to release emotions related to past traumas. During a session, the client explores body sensations and emotions connected to specific issues or feelings. The ultimate goal is to identify unmet needs from the past and find ways to fulfill them in the present. 

Self-compassion and self-forgiveness are emphasized as essential components of the healing process. They underline that somatic healing is not limited to diagnosed anxiety or specific traumas but can also address everyday feelings and coping strategies that no longer serve individuals. Riley and Ginny envision a world where somatic healing tools are widely accessible, promoting healing and emotional growth for everyone.

Self-Awareness and Transformations

In their conversation, Lauren and Ginny delve into the impact of social media and external validation on younger generations. They stress the need for teaching inner assurance and providing individuals with the necessary tools and support. Ginny shares her journey of inner healing and how it has profoundly transformed her life, leading to the dissolution of old patterns and a shift in priorities.

She emphasizes the power of understanding the systems that shape us, allowing for different choices and a more fulfilling life. The timeline for change may vary, but within approximately six months, individuals may notice significant shifts in their outlook and behavior. Lauren highlights the importance of ongoing self-awareness and active engagement in the healing process, likening it to physical fitness. Ginny adds that somatic healing naturally fosters self-awareness, even for those initially resistant, as it meets individuals where they are and explores their experiences and defense mechanisms. The journey of personal growth unfolds as patterns are recognized and transformed.

Trusting Yourself and Living Well

Ginny emphasizes the empowering nature of facing the dark aspects of one's life and taking ownership of personal growth. They highlight the universal emotional needs for love, safety, and validation, fostering a sense of unity among diverse individuals. Ginny celebrates the incredible potential unlocked when core needs are met, leading to a sense of control and limitless possibilities. They reflect on the importance of trusting oneself, a lesson learned later in life, and encourage others to embrace their intuition for a fulfilled and authentic existence. The conversation explores self-awareness, healing, and the transformative journey toward empowerment.

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