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What is Holistic Healing? with Mike Samar

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By Sofia Health Staff on September, 05 2023
What is holistic healing? with Mike Samar

In this episode of Sofia Unfiltered, Riley and Lauren talk to Mike Samar, a psychotherapist, Air Force Veteran, business owner, and host of the Mind Wellness Guru Podcast

Veteran's Courage: Mike's Inspiring Battle Against Addiction

Mike shares his personal journey of overcoming addiction and depression after leaving the Air Force. His story begins with a period of desperation and emotional pain, which eventually led him to seek help. Living out of his car, battling alcohol addiction, and struggling with a void inside, Mike hit rock bottom. However, he found the strength to reach out for assistance, receive residential treatment, and explore wellness practices. His experiences motivated him to become a therapist, channeling his passion to help others facing similar challenges. The conversation underscores the power of stories, the pivotal role of self-awareness, and the potential for healing and transformation, particularly in veterans transitioning to civilian life.

What is Holistic Healing?

The essence of holistic healing is the interconnected nature of well-being. When applied to veterans' recovery from addiction, this approach goes beyond physical symptoms. It encompasses various dimensions:

  • Body: Exploring nutrition, exercise, and pain management to prevent illness.
  • Mind: Nurturing curiosity, creativity, emotional insight, and interconnectedness.
  • Spirit: Engaging in practices connecting veterans to nature, divinity, and purpose.
  • Community: Strengthening relationships while setting healthy boundaries.
  • Cultural Heritage: Valuing traditions for wisdom in healthy living.
  • Environment: Evaluating the environment's impact and creating a healing space.

The Role of Communities in Recovery

They discuss the importance of building a supportive community and engaging in various wellness practices for healing and overcoming challenges Mike and the hosts highlight the significance of recognizing moments of self-awareness and seeking help, especially in times of desperation. They emphasize the societal pressures that can hinder individuals, particularly veterans and men, from openly addressing their struggles, and how these struggles can manifest in addiction and isolation.

The conversation further delves into the idea of transitioning to a new "team" in life, one that supports wellness and growth. Mike's experience of finding support through a 12-step program and connecting with positive communities like yoga and Tai Chi classes is highlighted. The hosts underscore the importance of surrounding oneself with people who have walked similar paths and how these connections, even in uncomfortable moments, can lead to gradual healing and the breaking of isolating cycles, emphasizing that in this shared vulnerability, strength can be found.

Navigating the Nine Core Components of Well-Being

They emphasized the significance of finding a community that extends beyond mere agreement on perspectives but rather centers around common vested interests from diverse walks of life. This sense of community can offer substantial support and aid in breaking negative cycles. The dialogue also touched on the concept of the nine core components of wellness, a comprehensive approach that takes into account physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of well-being. They highlighted the benefits of adopting a holistic approach to healthcare and how practices like aromatherapy, sound therapy, and light therapy can positively influence people's well-being by engaging their senses.

Sensory Healing: Aromatherapy, Sound, and More

The concept of engaging the senses in well-being practices is highlighted, with the acknowledgment that different modalities, like aromatherapy, sound therapy, and more, can evoke various aspects of our being. Creating a supportive community and encouraging a playful curiosity toward unfamiliar wellness practices is deemed essential for personal growth and transformation.

They also underscore the role of mind-body connections, especially in dealing with trauma. Approaches that consider the interconnectedness between the mind and body are crucial for addressing emotional wounds and fostering well-being. It's noted that empowerment comes through providing individuals with choices and tools, such as tapping into the vagus nerve or utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, allowing them to take charge of their healing journey. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the integration of various wellness modalities and the value of collective support in achieving lasting well-being.

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Finding Wellness Through Mind-Body Connection

Lauren and Mike discuss the importance of holistic wellness and how it cannot be compartmentalized. They emphasize the value of exploring various wellness practices that resonate with individual values and align with personal experiences. Mike, drawing from his own journey of overcoming challenges and finding wellness after military service, highlights the significance of approaching wellness as a whole person experience.

They explore the power of sensory healing, such as aromatherapy and sound therapy, and the role of curiosity in embracing new approaches to wellness. Mike's approach to therapy involves providing choices and tools that empower individuals to find what works best for them. They also discuss the interconnectedness of mind and body, addressing trauma stored in the body, and the importance of creating a comfortable and inviting environment for healing.

Lauren and Mike conclude by emphasizing the importance of slowing down, practicing mindfulness, and tuning into one's body and emotions to create meaningful connections and nurturing moments of wellness. Mike encourages listeners to tap into their own inner wisdom and emotions while taking their wellness journey at their own pace.

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