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    10 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You Will Love

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    By Team Sofia Health on February, 08 2021
    Valentines Day Gifts

    This Valentine's Day, show your friends, family and yourself some love!


    Looking for a last minute gift for yourself or a loved one this Valentine's Day? We've got you covered! We've curated a list of 10 Valentine's Gifts that show your loved ones that you care about them and their wellbeing!


    Valentine's Day is fast approaching! While the traditional gifts of fresh cut flowers, chocolates and hand written cards never disappoint, this year, consider a fun and functional approach to gift giving! You can find gifts that are practical, unique and can help you endure the pandemic days of social distancing and isolation.  


    Instead of a trip to the salon, you can gift a virtual hair color session (Yes you heard that right!). Support hair stylists as they sell hair color online and offer virtual sessions to walk you through the application process. We know this isn't as fun as visiting a salon, but if you are craving some fun color without the risk of COVID,  buy your hair color and book yourself (or your friends) a virtual session! This is also a great way to support local businesses that have been severely impacted by the pandemic. 


    We've also highlighted products that help you and your loved ones focus on wellness. Ranging from essential oils, vitamins, supplements, body lotions, and custom tea blends!


    There is nothing more important than taking care of yourself, especially now! Find the perfect gifts that help you and your loved ones focus on mental and physical wellness. 


    Here's a list of 10 products we think you (and your loved ones) will love:


    1. Moodbeam Mists: $28
    2. doTERRA Balance Essential Oil Grounding Blend: $28
    3. Joyome Collagen Complex: $66
    4. Root Journey Facial Jade Roller: $25
    5. doTERRA Deep Blue Rub: $43
    6. Indulge Silky Body Lotion: $8
    7. Stress Tea Blend: $14
    8. Root Journey Firm and Smooth Facial Serum: $42
    9. Custom Hair Color Kit: $45
    10. Plexus XFactor Plus Multivitamin: $45



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