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    How To Use Essential Oils to Boost Productivity

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    By Team Sofia Health on February, 23 2021
    essential oils in dropper jars surrounded by sliced lemons and fresh and ground herbs


    When it comes to boosting productivity, aromatherapy is not something that people usually consider. However, there are certain essential oils out there that stimulate your focus and concentration. When you take into account smell is the strongest of your senses, directly influencing the part of the brain that processes learning and emotion, this information isn't surprising.

    Here are six popular essential oils you can turn to the next time you need a productivity boost. 


    Lemon Essential Oil

    Lemon essential oil contains antiviral and antibacterial properties, meaning that it is great for the immune system, as well as for improving circulation. It is also used for its calming and clarifying properties, as it is fantastic for promoting concentration, as well as reducing any anxiety or stress. 


    lemon essential oil with fresh lemons and lemon peel


    Rosemary Essential Oil

    Rosemary is a great oil to turn to when you need a morning boost, as it fights against exhaustion and mental fatigue, while improving memory retention. This oil is effective when used topically as well as inhaled. It can help to relieve any pains or aches in your muscles, which would have otherwise distracted you from work. 



    Peppermint Oil

    In the aromatherapy world, peppermint is commonly used to wake the body and mind up, as it contains 35-45 percent menthol. This oil is great for boosting your energy and alertness, so try to use it in the morning for a long-lasting effect throughout the day. 


    peppermint essential oil with fresh blooming peppermint and leaves


    Pine Oil

    Pine oil works in a similar way to peppermint oil in that it energizes the mind and body, giving you the focus you need to get through the day. Pine oil is also considered to be a confidence-booster, making it great for helping you to stay on-track during difficult challenges, rather than feeling overwhelmed and stressed. 




    Cinnamon is commonly used as a natural stimulant, as it is able to really stimulate alertness and attention. If you have a long, hectic day ahead of you and you could use a pick-me-up, as well as some improvement in your concentration and focus, cinnamon is a great oil to try. 


    cinnamon essential oil with fresh cinnamon sticks



    Cedarwood has a sweet and woody scent, making it effective when it comes to keeping you feeling stable and grounded. This oil is good for those who want to cut back on their multi-tasking and try to focus on one task in particular. This oil can really boost your concentration levels. 




    You may not think that inhaling essential oils would make much of a difference to your daily life. Whether you invest in an aroma diffuser for your home office, or keep an essential oil-soaked cotton ball by your desk at work, give these scents a try for a natural and healthy way to boost your mind. 


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