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7 Freezer Meal Tips for Beginners

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By Sofia Health Staff on June, 03 2024
8 Freezer Meal Tips for Beginners

In this episode of Sofia Unfiltered, Riley talks to McKenzie Rockwood, Founder of Citrus Pear and Award-Winning Dietitian

Empowering Health Through Meal Prep

Mackenzie shares her journey from working in a clinical setting to launching a successful business that delivers healthy frozen meals and offers meal prep classes. She discusses her passion for nutrition, inspired by her personal commitment to healthy eating, and how her frustration with the limited impact she could make in hospitals led to the creation of Citrus Pear. 

Initially, Mackenzie started with small, community-based meal prep classes that quickly grew in popularity. She emphasizes the importance of combining convenience with nutrition and the unique value her company offers by customizing meals to meet various dietary needs through a team of dedicated dietitians. Citrus Pear has expanded significantly, providing both educational and social benefits through its classes and meal delivery services, making healthy eating accessible and enjoyable for more people.


Easy Freezer Meal Cooking Tips

Meal prepping and planning ahead are essential for avoiding food waste and saving time during busy weeks. Here are McKenzie's top tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Organize your meals for the week to avoid food waste and ensure you have all the necessary ingredients.
  2. Use Common Ingredients: Choose recipes that share similar ingredients to simplify your shopping and prep work.
  3. Test Recipes First: Try new recipes in smaller quantities before making them in bulk to ensure they meet your taste preferences.
  4. Avoid High-Sodium and Preservative-Laden Ingredients: Opt for healthier options by skipping canned soups and bottled sauces with high sodium and preservatives.
  5. Focus on Adding Nutritious Foods: Incorporate more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains into your diet rather than focusing on eliminating foods.
  6. Use Reusable Glass Containers: Store your prepped meals in reusable glass containers to reduce plastic usage and be more eco-friendly.
  7. Consider Convenient, Healthy Meal Services: For busy times, look into companies like Citrus Pear that offer fresh, tailor-made frozen meals catering to specific dietary needs. 

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The Citrus Pear Approach to Healthy Freezer Meals

Mackenzie emphasizes the importance of making healthy eating accessible and convenient, with meals designed for ease of preparation using slow cookers or pressure cookers. She highlights the positive impact on clients' health, from weight loss to improved lab results, and offers practical tips on meal planning and prepping, such as focusing on weekly planning and preparing healthy snacks for busy days.

Citrus Pear stands out by providing personalized meals, catering to specific dietary restrictions such as low sodium or allergen-free options, all prepared fresh and delivered quickly. 


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