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Exploring Green-Living for Wellness with Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

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By Sofia Health Staff on January, 10 2024
Exploring Green-Living for Wellness with Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

Embark on an exclusive journey into the world of healthy living, and green choices with Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, an award-winning Latina expert in special diets, green living, and travel. As the executive producer, creator, and host of The Healthy Voyager web series, radio show, and brand, Carolyn shares her wealth of knowledge on maintaining well-being while navigating the realms of health, travel, and sustainable living. Join us for an insightful interview as she unveils her philosophy, experiences, and tips, exclusively on the Sofia Health Blog.

What is the concept of green living? 

To me, it means to live as sustainably and mindfully as possible as it benefits the individual as well as those around them and the planet.   


For someone beginning their journey towards green living, what attainable steps do you suggest as a starting point? 

Recycle, upcycle, and reuse as much as possible. Being mindful of products used in the home and how they can be shaped for more sustainable alternatives. Choosing to eat locally sourced foods, dressing in layers at home to save on heating and cooling energy, growing your own herbs and veggies, and unplugging electronics that are not in use.      


Can you share the core principles that guide your personal philosophy on green living, and how have they evolved over the years? 

I started my green journey over 25 years ago when I switched to a plant-based diet and looked for healthier, greener alternatives to all my daily use products from personal hygiene, health, and beauty to home cleaning items. As time has gone on, I have planted a full veggie garden so I eat my own produce, I try not to drive when I can avoid it, and continue to find green alternatives for every aspect of my life and travels. Every little bit makes a difference! 


How does a plant-based lifestyle contribute to both personal health and environmental sustainability? What inspired you to adopt this lifestyle?

I adopted a plant-based lifestyle for my health but quickly realized that it was beneficial on so many levels. Eating a plant-based diet allows you to source more locally grown and seasonal foods that require much less water and resources like fuel and feed than factory farming.  

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What challenges do you face when promoting green living, and how do you overcome them in order to inspire positive change?

I have always led by example. I never preach or push, I just live how I live, and somehow that always interests people enough to ask and I am always positive in my answers and guidance.   


Adopting a green lifestyle often comes with considerations about the affordability of eco-friendly products and sustainable choices. How do you address or advise individuals who may face monetary challenges in incorporating green living practices into their daily lives, especially when it comes to factors like organic food, sustainable fashion, or eco-friendly products? 

Yes, it can be but again, if you do your best to plan ahead, it is actually more affordable than conventional methods. From growing your food, meal planning, and cooking in bulk, in unison with your own containers and reusable bottles and jars, every little bit helps and becomes more and more affordable with each use.  


Among the various aspects of green living, which practices are your personal favorites, and how do they enhance your overall well-being? 

Growing my own food I don’t go anywhere without my reusable water bottle! 2 of my favorite green living practices.    


Stress is a significant factor in holistic health. How does adopting a green lifestyle contribute to stress reduction, and do you have any specific recommendations for managing stress through sustainable practices? 

I believe it’s a great way to practice mindfulness. To be conscious of the things that you do and the products you use can be quite rewarding. These practices lead to other positive changes along with many green activities such as walking, biking, gardening, cooking and hiking being extremely therapeutic, promoting calm and thereby lowering stress.   


What are your most helpful tips for optimal health?

Getting plenty of sleep, prioritizing rest and self-care, eating clean and well, mindfulness and meditation, quality time with friends and family, and having a positive attitude. 


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