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    Sofia Health Celebrates Black History Month: Meet Trevor Hudson

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    By Team Sofia Health on February, 26 2021

    In honor of Black History Month,  Sofia Health is recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of our BIPOC practitioners who are making an impact in the world of health and wellness. Meet Trevor Hudson, An Air Force Veteran, Certified Life Coach and Master Resiliency Trainer!


    Trevor Hudson: Certified Life Coach, Master Resiliency Trainer, and Motivational Speaker


    Tell us a little bit about yourself, your business & your mission. 

    I am a life coach and motivational speaker. I also have a YouTube channel where I try to motivate people through the stories of others. My channel and podcast is called HudricoLive. As a coach, I started out looking to work with adults but most of my clients tend to be teenagers. Any way I get to help others is a win win for me. I have a thrill and a passion to motivate others to get past their own personal hurdles. 


    Describe one of your proudest accomplishments.

    My proudest moment personally was the birth of my children and the ability to provide them all the things they need to survive. Professionally, my proudest accomplishment was when I got my first client and they told me that I was changing their life. 


    How do you hope your work will impact/encourage/influence future generations?
    We as individuals will die one day, but the only way you can be immortal is what you leave with others. I hope to leave everyone I encounter a better person or a better situation. I also want them to know it’s okay to get help when you need it. 
    What are your goals for 2021?
    1. Gain more Clients
    2. Grow my podcast 
    3. Book more speaking gigs 

    Connect with Coach Trevor Hudson

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    Follow Coach Hudson:

    Hudrico Live YouTube Channel

    Hudrico Live Podcast



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