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5 Ways to Change Your Mindset with Deb Erickson

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By Sofia Health Staff on August, 01 2023
Deb Erickson - How to change your mindset using Neuro Tools

In this episode of Sofia Unfiltered, Lauren speaks with Deb Erickson, CEO of The ICAN Institute, Inc. and renowned Neuro Trainer, Mindset Expert, and Speaker.

Deb Erickson's Journey to Empowerment

Lauren Dyche interviewed renowned life coach and motivational speaker Deb Erickson on Sofia Unfiltered. Our guest shared her personal journey of overcoming self-doubt and limiting beliefs to become a life coach. She emphasized the challenges individuals face in making positive changes, such as fear and the belief that change is difficult. Deb highlighted the importance of overcoming fear and embracing change, empowering listeners to realize their full potential. The conversation on personal growth and transformation was inspiring and reminded people that change is possible for everyone.

5 neuro tools that can help you

  1. Pattern interrupt: Using a stop sign as a visual cue to halt negative patterns.
  2. Positive affirmations and energy elevation: Incorporating empowering language and music to uplift mood and mindset.
  3. Reprogramming the subconscious mind: Utilizing relaxation, deep breathing, and visualization techniques to overwrite old beliefs.
  4. Binaural recordings: Combining affirmations with binaural beats to challenge existing beliefs and introduce positive messages.
  5. Consistency and repetition: Emphasizing the importance of engaging in daily actions that align with desired emotional states for lasting transformation.

Unleashing the Power of Neuroscience

Deb Erickson shared her personal journey of overcoming self-doubt, an eating disorder, and trust issues through therapy. However, she still faced daily struggles and sought a better way to create lasting change. Inspired by advancements in neuroscience, Deb studied with renowned figures and applied her knowledge to help others, initially focusing on the network marketing community. 

A humbling moment led her to realize that her techniques could be applied to weight loss as well. Deb embarked on a journey to lose 60 pounds using neuro training and found it surprisingly easy by rewiring her brain for success. She emphasized the need to align values with goals and challenged the notion of struggle and willpower. The conversation on Sofia Unfiltered highlighted the power of neuroscience in personal transformation and inspired listeners to pursue positive and sustainable change in their lives.


Discovering Your Wellness Personality

Deb Erickson embarked on developing a platform and app to help individuals achieve their goals and live a life of ease and flow. She introduces the concept of wellness personalities, discussing the warrior driven by willpower and discipline, and the rebel who prefers to chart their own path. 

Deb emphasizes understanding one's wellness personality and introduces a quiz to determine it. The conversation shifts to the importance of mindset, challenging hustle culture and emphasizing internal self-awareness. Deb shares her weight loss journey focused on feelings rather than external metrics. Neuro tools rooted in neuroscience, such as mindfulness meditation and affirmations, are highlighted as powerful techniques for rewiring the brain. Deb's insights inspire listeners to prioritize mindset and embrace neuro tools for positive transformation.

Embracing Neuro Tools for Personal Transformation

Deb Erickson explained that neuro tools are conscious mind tools that help individuals become aware of their thoughts and behaviors. One tool is a pattern interrupt using a stop sign, which visually and mentally signals individuals to halt negative patterns. Positive affirmations and energy elevation, incorporating music and empowering language, can uplift mood and mindset. Reprogramming the subconscious mind is crucial, and techniques such as relaxation, deep breathing, and visualization can help overwrite old beliefs. 

Deb's favorite neuro tool is a binaural recording that combines affirmations with binaural beats to challenge existing beliefs and introduce positive messages. Lauren highlighted the empowering nature of neuro tools and their parallels to popular methods. The conversation emphasized the transformative power of neuro tools in rewiring the mind and fostering positive change.

The Key to Lasting Transformation

Our guest discusses the importance of consistency, repetition, and emotional engagement in personal transformation. She emphasizes that change takes time and requires commitment. Deb encourages listeners to focus on the present moment, let go of external expectations, and cultivate a positive mindset. She challenges the idea that self-acceptance and happiness are tied to external factors and invites individuals to tap into their inner joy and peace. 

The conversation highlights the need for consistency and repetition in developing positive habits and reprogramming the subconscious mind. By embracing emotional well-being, self-love, and self-awareness, individuals can embark on a holistic journey of personal growth. The dialogue inspires listeners to engage in daily actions that align with their desired emotional state and experience profound and lasting change.


Letting Go of Arbitrary Milestones

Deb shared a story about lottery winners who often returned to their previous financial state within a couple of years, revealing that external achievements don't guarantee happiness. 

She drew a parallel between this phenomenon and the pursuit of a certain body size or weight, highlighting the importance of reassessing our values. Lauren emphasized the significance of recognizing changes in values and staying true to ourselves. The conversation underscored the need to let go of external expectations and embrace our evolving values for genuine fulfillment.


Embracing New Thoughts and Beliefs

Deb and Lauren explored the concept of personal growth and self-awareness, challenging the misconception that living well requires constant struggle. Deb shared her realization that simplicity and awareness offer easier paths to growth, encouraging listeners to recognize and adjust their patterns and traits. Lauren highlighted the power of curiosity and non-judgment in exploring different approaches to challenges. Deb invited listeners to take a quiz and join a supportive community for personal growth. The episode concluded with gratitude and an invitation to engage with the Sofia Unfiltered community.

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