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10 Mindbody Software Alternatives

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By Sofia Health Staff on February, 23 2022
10 Mindbody Software Alternatives

When you are running your own health and wellness business, the right software can make or break your clients’ experiences. You may be using Mindbody to offer your clients a full range of in-app options, but if you’re like many health and wellness professionals, you are probably also open to Mindbody alternatives. 


10 Mindbody Software Alternatives

1. Sofia Health 6. Punchpass
2. Vagaro 7. Calendly
3. Wellness Living 8. Simplybook
4. Acuity Scheduling 9. Honeybook
5. GloFox 10. Virtuagym


Mindbody is known for its robust platform, but you might be tired of dealing with login issues, hidden fees, and having little control of your own content. You probably have a lot to juggle between assisting clients and trying to navigate issues with your software. Meanwhile, according to reviewers on GetApp, Mindbody’s customer service has deteriorated as prices have risen, and the software is difficult to work with. 


If you’re looking for Mindbody alternatives, look no further. The companies listed below offer a range of products from turnkey business solutions to consumer-facing marketplaces that can help you not only get your business online but also help clients find you. 


If you are tired of overpriced software, hidden transaction fees, and tirelessly marketing, try one of the solutions below that fits your needs. Stop wasting time managing your software and spend it managing your business.  


Sofia Health


A wellness marketplace, Sofia lets customers shop and book services, classes, and products directly from health and wellness providers. It’s like Amazon but for health and wellness.


Tools for providers: 


The Sofia platform has everything you need to get your business online so you can get booked and get paid. They made a truly turn-key business for health and wellness professionals WHILE making it easy for consumers to find and book your services. The real pro for Sofia is the collaborative network of providers and the higher possibility to get your services and products in front of consumers who are already shopping. Hello, marketing costs!   


tools icon

 sofia tools-Feb-25-2022-06-50-22-53-PM

  • You get a webpage with a custom URL. They have a great team if you need help with designing and building your site.
  • You can add all of your services and products and accept payments from clients. 
  • There are new scheduling features. With Sofia’s new 2-way calendar sync you don’t have to worry about being double-booked. 
  • Clients are sent your intake form upon booking so that eliminates a lot of time-consuming back and forth.


What we like most is the transparent business model. There are no hidden transaction fees when a customer books a service. You get the tools, a built-in network, and potential clients for a flat monthly fee. They do take a percentage for products, but products are the best way to scale your business. 



  • Very basic dashboard.
  • No app. 
  • You still need other tools to track your clients. 

It’s manageable, though, and totally worth it to help manage your business. If you’re interested in helping improve the platform, email to see if you can get a discount or ask to be a beta tester.


While this platform is new, we love their approach to selling software and helping you get your business in front of clients.


Sofia software is easy to manage, so you can focus on creating quality content to connect with current customers and find new ones. The software was created specifically for health and wellness, so it offers all the resources you need to manage your business. 




Vagaro offers scheduling and management software for a variety of businesses in the wellness and beauty industry. This platform handles everything from scheduling to customer outreach, and it lets you manage and pay your employees if you’re not going it alone. 


With Vagaro, you can also live stream fitness classes so your clients can get fit from their own homes. Vagaro further allows you to automate email and text messages, generating automated reminders to keep your clients from no-showing. 


Pricing is based on your number of employees.


This tool doesn’t offer integrated features for marketing and promotion. 


Wellness Living


Like other health and wellness business platforms, Wellness Living is a one-stop tool for scheduling, customer support, and payments. This one offers a marketing integration with social media so you can use it to generate new leads. 


The customer service team is responsive, which is a must-have if something happens with your software. 


However, Wellness Living is geared toward yoga and fitness studios and might not have all the same features for other health and wellness providers. This platform is also more expensive than others on this list. 


Acuity Scheduling


Although this platform won’t help you manage all aspects of your business, it does make scheduling easier for you and your clients. Of course, they are scheduling pros. You can easily manage your schedule, so your clients won’t accidentally double-book you if they book online versus over the phone. 


It also offers intake forms and client questionnaires so you can review client information before they come to their appointment. There are three different tiers, and you can use the more expensive ones to accept payments, confirm appointments, sell subscriptions, and more. 




Glofox offers a comprehensive platform for fitness professionals. This fitness management platform offers everything from marketing and promotion to live streaming. It lets you take payments, manage client relationships, offer trial classes, and manage punch cards, among other features. 


While there are no hidden fees, GloFox charges based on a variety of factors, including the nature and size of your business. Additionally, it’s only available for fitness professionals.




Punchpass is another option for fitness professionals who offer in-person and virtual classes and sessions to students. You can use it to host classes online, integrating with Zoom. It’s also good for managing class schedules and client reservations. 


One plus of this platform is that it’s easy to tell when your class is at capacity, and it will prevent people from booking a full class, which is great for when you need to cut your class size. You can also modify pricing to meet your clients’ needs. 




Although Calendly wasn’t made specifically for health and wellness businesses, it offers abundant schedule management tools. This platform lets you manage multiple class schedules, or you can use it to manage client bookings if you’re a solo practitioner. 


You can use it to follow up with clients and send reminders about upcoming appointments. Your customers can use it to suggest alternate appointment times if they can’t come in, and moreover, this tool syncs with your calendar. If you’re looking for a scheduling and communication solution, check out this software.


SimplyBook is one of the more robust Mindbody alternatives. It offers over 60 features, including the ability to book with Google Business so that clients don’t have to navigate to your site if they find you on Google. It also helps you create coupons, gift cards, and special offers for your most loyal clients. 


This site is functional and easy to use, but the more advanced features are only offered at the premium tier, and you are limited to a certain amount of bookings. 




Honeybook is another booking and management tool that was not specifically made for the wellness industry. It does have a lot of features you can use for your business, though, allowing you to engage in booking, invoicing, and accepting payments. 


Honeybook is great if you don’t have a lot of experience designing and launching your website because you can access a team of experts and receive guidance on managing your business. As on other platforms, you have to pay more to access some of the more advanced features. 




Virtuagym is another platform geared toward fitness providers. It also has features for small businesses that want to offer a health program to employees. This platform gives you what you need to coach and motivate your students between classes. You can use it to share meal plans, track progress, and more. 


This platform also lets you build a community in which your clients can connect with each other. 


In Closing


These Mindbody alternatives can help alleviate some of your frustration and let you better manage your business. Stop dealing with hidden fees and technical issues and choose another platform that meets more of your needs so you can grow your business and accommodate your customers. 


There are so many great tools and alternatives to Mindbody. One of our favorites is Sofia because it has the best range of features for managing current client appointments and marketing your business. Figure out which will be the most helpful for you and your business.


Try sofia health today




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