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    Moving Past Autoimmune to Find Holistic Alignment and Healing

    Picture of Lauren Vaknine
    By Lauren Vaknine on March, 19 2021
    Recondition with Lauren Vaknine

    According to a survey, 89% of women between the ages of 28-50 do not feel aligned in all aspects of their lives, with the majority not feeling aligned in even one!



    My aim – and my life’s purpose – is to change that, and I’d like to tell you why.


    I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis before my second birthday. It was a tumultuous childhood. By 18, every joint in my body was affected, I was wheelchair-bound and on a chemotherapy drug that nearly killed me. I was so disabled that I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t feed myself, I couldn’t chew food, I couldn’t take myself to the toilet or even speak on the worst days.


    But … I knew in my heart that I didn’t have to live like this, that there was another way. I knew that disability wasn't going to be my story; remission was. I don’t know how I knew, but I just did – some sort of inner knowing that my mum had instilled in me.


    So I spent over a decade immersed in intensive self-study, learning everything there was to know about the human body and mind; what makes them work and not work. From nutrition to supplements, epigenetics to neuroplasticity, meditation to brain training, and eventually, after a lot of hard work and perseverance, many falls and fails along the way, and understanding that I was the only one who could make me better and I had to take responsibility for my own health and happiness, I went into remission. After 27 years of having a supposed life-long, debilitating, degenerative disease.


    For the sake of time (and word count!) I’ve understandably condensed the amount of work I actually did. But what it came down to was something very simple:


    I learned that in order to move into a place of homeostasis – of true holistic alignment – we have to incorporate all aspects of self into our healing; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


    You may be reading this with a chronic illness thinking you just have to work on your nutrition or see a practitioner of some sort or even take some pills. You may be someone who doesn’t have a chronic illness but you’re carrying with you old trauma and repressed emotions. You may be someone who operates from a place of negativity and a lack of mindset. Perhaps you’ve never opened yourself up to a spiritual practice or the idea that there is something out there that’s bigger than us, something we have the power to tap into in order to co-create our destiny. Or you may simply be chronically unhappy.


    Nutrition may help your chronic illness slightly. The journaling and inner child work will help the trauma. Thinking positively might make things slightly better in your life. Seeing a therapist might help you on some levels. Finding a spiritual practice will for sure enhance your life in some ways. 


    But the magic – the end result where you are in a place of complete, long-lasting, unwavering health and happiness – only comes when you incorporate all aspects of self into your healing.


    I spent a decade working toward my remission, then a further decade creating free resources that would help other people get healthy and happy because it was as if, once I’d seen first-hand that health and happiness were totally in our control, no matter what hands we’ve been dealt, I knew I had to share it with the world.


    Those two decades – or, in reality, my whole life – had been leading me towards the creation of something that would serve people in a more profound way – a way to truly teach people every single thing I’ve learned over two decades to get myself into this place of balance and alignment. 


    Alongside qualifying in nutrition, life coaching, NLP, and EFT, I also use many other tools including the science of manifestation, quantum physics, energy work, and spiritual practices. This contrasting mix of modalities ensures that I achieve the same objective with my clients as I did with myself: healing the WHOLE HUMAN to reach outcomes that for most people seem impossible.


    They’re in no way impossible. We’ve just been trained to believe that our bodies are made up of a series of parts that have to be worked on in isolation; a series of parts that can only ever be ok with the help of pharmaceutical drugs or a practitioner that follows medical research papers without ever looking at the bigger picture. And I’m here to tell you that no long-term results come from that place. 


    Long-term results are seen when we realize that we are cosmic beings living a human experience, and for that reason, we must take the whole being into account when working towards any sort of healing – physical or emotional.


    Clients I’ve worked with over the years have experienced radical, transformational changes and for that reason, I’ve now put everything I teach into one 12-week immersive group course called the Recondition Your Life Academy, launching March 2nd, 2021.


    This approach is unique and sees results every time, and if you’re reading this from a place of dis-ease or unhappiness, I’d love to help you, too.


    With love & gratitude,



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